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6 Reasons to Choose an Independent Agent like McCutcheon Insurance

Insurance can be a complicated purchase. How do you know that you’re making the right choices about coverage? Are you sure you’re getting the best possible value for your dollar? How can you trust talking Geckos, cartoon Generals or basketball players pretending to be agents?

Obviously, insurance companies like State Farm or All State only want to sell their products. A good Independent Insurance Agent only wants to sell what’s right for their client – and can pick from multiple insurance companies.

The options can seem bewildering.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, McCutcheon looks out for you. We’ve seen first-hand how the advice and advocacy of our agents benefit our clients. Here are six reasons why we believe our independent agency experience benefits you:

  1. We give you a choice – We represent many different insurance companies to offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. When we work for you, there’s no need for you to accept one quote from one company, and there’s no need for you to spend time filling out many different online applications to get your own quote comparisons. With our connections and knowledge of the Ohio insurance market, our agents can often find a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find searching on your own. We do the shopping. You do the saving. We find you the right blend of price, coverage, and service.

  2. We are Ohio-licensed experts – We’re happy to explain the complexities of insurance and the requirements for Ohio in simple terms, helping you make smart decisions. We made our career out of assessing our customers’ insurance needs and matching them with the insurance carrier best equipped to meet those needs at a price our customers can afford. Think about it. While you might research wording for wills on the Internet, you’ll likely go to an attorney to ensure that the document is drawn up correctly. Why wouldn’t you seek the advice of a licensed insurance professional to be certain that your home, your auto, or your business is properly protected? Call us. We can help.

  3. We are personal advisers – McCutcheon’s Independent Insurance Agents not only find you competitive pricing, we make sure you’re adequately covered. Working with you face-to-face, your McCutcheon agent becomes your personal adviser, taking the time to listen to you and understand your individual needs. We know it’s not just about finding a price you can afford; it’s also about making certain you are appropriately covered so that you don’t end up insurance-poor if you do suffer a loss.

  4. We are your advocate – This is a huge point of difference between Independent Agencies and “captive” agencies that sell only one company. We’re on your side – we work for you. The other guys . . . not so much. If you have a billing or claim concern, or need to change your coverage, your McCutcheon agent will be your advocate, working with the insurance company on your behalf. Not only are you in “better hands with us,” we are truly “good neighbors.”

  5. We offer one-stop shopping – McCutcheon can often meet all of your insurance needs through the companies we represent to provide the full scope of auto, home, and business coverage’s.

  6. We are consultants for a lifetime – We’ll periodically review your coverage and let you know when we think you need to make an adjustment. We’re there to help you through all the changes in your life, whether you’re going from renting an apartment to buying a home, starting a business, getting married, renovating your home, adding a teen driver to your auto policy, or looking to cover that retirement condo.

As an Independent agent, McCutcheon is on you’re side. We work for you to make sure your insurance works for you.

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